Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Much better!

Thanks for the happy thoughts all, feeling better! School has started, Monday was figure painting, and I had to buy $70 in supplies i wasnt expecting (gaaahhhh!!!) and I feel like more will be to come from the other classes. but its good, and Im going to be forced to learn oil painting. lucky our teacher is very into safety and not into chemicals so we are using no turps and no liquin, the two excuses for me not to oil paint... (aside from my dislike of it and the drying period)

Im making rice in my crockpot.. I'll let ya know how it goes, because I am TERRIBLE at making rice for some reason.. I used to be good at it....

So im working an a list of exspensive things I want, lol.. not like Lambo's and Rings, but things that are obtainable...

Desk top computer
Fixes for Ralph my Laptop
Canon Rebel DSLR Camera
Sewing Machine
Some new bra's...

Yep, Im a lady of simple needs, shit to do the job I want to do, things to record adventures, hand held video games, things to make things and underwear.... LMAO!!

Alright all, useless post but what eva, my blog! lol!!

Oh, If anyone has idea's on what I can do for the Gentleman Friend for Valentines Day let me know... I have a)never been with a boy for Vday and 2) kind of hae overly romantic things.... And the obvous doing him is already in the plan... lol!!

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  1. Hahah I hate mush as well. My boyfriend and I are going to eat Moe's for V-day...because we frackin love Moe's. So...no ideas here lol. I also got him a card that talked about touching his booty.

    My dad is terrible at making rice. It just never goes well for him and ends up having this strange texture lol. He just doesn't let it cook and will keep opening up the lid and messing with it.