Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures of a Traveling Lunatic

Hello all! Hope everyone is well! Today has been one of those days, like a scene from my old life, but a good day. Got up early and drove to Walnut Creek to see my old boss, friend, wife, and more Misty! Its literally been years, and with her now in Texas, ya. But she's been in town, and so we me up. We had a delighful coffee at a little shop i found on yelp that was just a store away from her first job! nice!! We talked about the kids (I miss my Beanie!!!!) and Nana and Papap, and pets and school and handsome Gentleman Friend. But alas we were both super busy and so then we were both off again. I went to meet a client, she went to meet a new Mary Kay Recruit, and life goes on. but maybe I'll do some flyer work for her. :) It was REALLY nice.

My new Desktop is on its way! I still dont have internet at home, but it will be perfect for school, and i got a GREAT deal, but damn its money spent. plus wed night i broke another bra, and was down to one so had to go essentials shopping... which is $$.... but needed.. but now poor little Ralph the Laptop is dying... uuuggghhhh.... Dont die Ralph!! :( I'll need something to interweb with so if he goes... I'll prolly buy a referbed eMachine, their inexspensive... I REALLY wanted a ChroneBook by Google, but they some run iTunes, which is a huge bummer because I use my little ipod ALL the time, and have the iPhone.

Sorry, first world problems!! This weekend is the Chinese New Year Parade, which i may or maynot go too if i decide to work or ditch.... its will be a bad sales day.... uuuggghhhhh!! lol! Again, first world problems! lol!! Its been beautiful and spring like here, then freezing, then beautiful. Come on nature make up your mind?  oh well, anywho here are some pictures of the city, my fork ring (I found it!) and more!!

So I dont own a scale, but I have been super good on my getting healthy plan, and can feel it! Im REALLY happy, and have been making recipes off of SparkRecipes.... Since Im loosing weight with SparkPeople (great apps too!!) So I'll share a REALLY good Tuna Salad Recipe.. omg so yummy nom nom nom

Best Tuna Salad-

1 can of tuna
2/3c non fat cottage cheese
4 tblsp non fat plain yogurt (I used greek cause I had it)
1/4 small red onion
1 stalk of celery
1 tsp Dijon mustard
splash of lemon juice
pinch of dill (i didnt add it cause im no a dill fan)

drain Tuna, mix it all together, add to bread!! Makes 2 servings. the mix is under 200 calories with no fat and 34 grams of protien!! Really filling and so tasty. :)

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