Tuesday, February 12, 2013

School Work School and Work

Really not to much work, and other then the usual drama of corporate whoring, its not to bad. School is in full swing, just dropped another $65 on paint, Pro White and brush soaps...

Last night Tim came down to the bay for a show, and crashed. Its been since Bacon Day, and longer since we got to really hang out. He is working on a super secret card game that he wanted to test on me, which was INCREADIBLY fun, and a little complicated. When its ready for supporters ill hook you guys up because we had tons of fun. But this means I have been procastinating on hw and have 3 pages of comic roughs (already thumb nailed but still), an animal to ink and 7 little ducks to ink... more on that later!

Oh and my still life homework for figure painting (dont ask...) was rejected, so i have another due on monday plus color tests.. Woo Im gunna be good! lol!!!

So Thursday is National Condom Day. Celebrate accordingly. If any of you get preggers or STD's that day ill slap ya. Its also the day Gentleman Friend flies home. :3 Yaaay!! Im thinking I may wear something cute to school, if I do Ill share picts... I need to share more pictures of outfits I guess... I dress like a slob most of the time though... except for work.. anywho, what ever.

Oh, last thing, Last week my twitter (UntidyVenus) got a mention on the Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast. its on the Rory Scovel Interview part 2, about 40 minutes in, in the Just Me or Everyone segment!! :D Basically i asked is it just me or is it awkward to be in someone elses house when their not home, and I wrote it from GF's house while not sure is roomates were home as i was locked up in the room... (had crashed on a work night)


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