Friday, August 3, 2012

Finals and the Challenge

So its finals week. Finishing up my mandala and essays. Monday it should all be over :) But there will be more about that over on my other blog.

I have let myself get out of shape. I'm not bashing myself or pity partying or anything, but I have had the amazing opportunity to not have to live in poverty and have been indulging. So now I get the opportunity to work it off and get myself back to what I have worked so hard to maintain.

For those who dont know, I have used the FREE page SparkPeople to get myself healthy a few times. Its realistic, safe and tasty recipes! Plus tons of support and ideas, Sometimes to many ideas. If you wanna be my friend my username is magickzzl. This time Im trying the app, which is really easy to use. just type in what you ate and how you exercised and it does the math. My big problem is I love carbs, bread and crackers and Dr. Pepper. I end up eating to many carbs and almost no protein or fats. This means Im extra hungry but maxed out or over on calories. Protein and fat keeps you full ;)

I also am trying to get more exercise. I walk a TON in the city and at work, but not much cardio. I gatta work through my asthma but toally doable. So this is my challenge :)

On Nerdist News, I got a Koi on Neos!! :D I have been wanting one for a while now but their limited edition. but I found a rad website that shows pets in the pound and got my lovely ChattyKelly! the Speckled Koi!!!

So cute!!! :D Also picked up an old Batman game for the PS2, and a random monkey game that was super cheap. I gatta go back to living like a nun, but its been fun not being crazy poor for a little bit.

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