Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adventures and Stuff and Things

Hey all! Im doing SOOOOOO much better, thank you for the warm wishes :) This weekend was fun, busy and over all great- again. Im so lucky!! lol! This weekend was so busy here in the city. With Fleet week, when the navy is in town, the Blue Angels fighter jets doing their show, football with Gentleman Friend, Bacon Blue Cheese BBQ Wild Boar Burgers, and general awesomeness. I also got to see GF play not he company softball team last night, they had a double header, and won both (slaughtered the second team ;) ) Go Dr. Mookie!! lol!! Anywho, here are some pictures of general adventureness-

Trip to the corporate petshop for cat food, and IN LOVE with the little furrys!!!

City Decore

Palace of Fine Arts, Stealth Fighter, and sky writers! 

Wild Boar Burgers, on pretzel roll, bacon, blue cheese and BBQ sauce

Jeff getting ready for a hot date, and left over shot from Tahoe

Panda's, and REALLY??

Ahi Tuna tartar, and goat and arugala salad

Halloween store with the Aunties! I heart halloween

GF and Softball

I'll end today with some Taco's, because taco's rule. Especially street tacos!

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