Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekend Update

As promised, Im getting back to some of the epic weekend that happened! Sorry for the delay, its been nuts. So saturday, So good!! lol!! Gentleman Friend and I started out SUPER lazy, watching football and eating Jack in the Box. Finally we shuffled down to Half Moon Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches around, for the Pumpkin and Art Festival! It was really just a big craft show, which I LOVE, but not the most manly thing for the GF, who was amazing. We DID eat some yumm-o Pumpkin muffin, then picked up PUMPKIN FUDGE! Say what?? Yes, omg it was so good!! Also the crazy Jesus freaks were out (Im not bashing religion, but these guy were INSANE and give everyone a bad name) Also while in down there we stopped by a Rite-Aide (drug store) that once was a Thrifty's (drug store). As a kid my mom would take me and my sister down to our local Thrifty's for Ice Cream, and they use a square scooper. Weird but my childhood! And my Mom's childhood, Papa used to take her to her local Thrifty's for ice cream. Im a HUGE Rainbow sherbet fan :)

From there we headed down the road and stopped by a stand to try Salmon Jerky and Smoked Albicore! OMG. Im a huge convert to salmon jerky now. We basically inhaled it before the Devils Slide (Im like 10 miles!!) So delightful!! From there we went inland to Dixon (with more Jack in the Box on the way) to the Worlds Largest Corn Maze!! I havnt been able to go for a few years, but its once of my favorite things to do this time of year!! There was some damage to the maze from a) Idiot kids, and b) Windstorms. But we wondered around for over an hour, finding little paths to escape the screaming teens, making out in a corn cave and basically playing in a corn field at night.

After a long day of driving and Halloweening, GF asked if I could show him my favorite karaoke bay in the world, the amazing Hamburger Patties!! Of course sweet, amazing man! Epic Idea!  We met up with Lawyer Rachel, Akbar was running the karaoke, and it was amazing!! GF sang some Santana and wooed the ladies, I of course did my favorites, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, and I Play Chicken With the Train. Lawyer Rachel did Home Coming Queen's for a Gun (I love it!!) and some others. Also while we were there an adorable lesbian couple sang Baby Got Back, then one proposed!! SO CUTE!! After much fun, great food, great people we finally headed home to the bay.

Sorry for the exsessive use of !!! but it was so much amazingness I just can't handle it

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