Friday, October 12, 2012

Poor Girls Guide- Peanut Butter Sandwich

I havn't done a living cheap post in QUITE a while!! But havening been raised by racoons, living on food budgets of $10 a week and basicaly being a student I have gained some knowledge about cutting costs and still feeling like a human being. Often when people have to cut back, theres a feeling of lack, which can lead to poor choices and binge spending/eating/etc. Lets try and avoid the lack and celebrate a different way of living, within our means and with joy!

My tip today is for a basic staple of my diet, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich! Perfect as a travel food, poor food, and even diet food! Ok, before it starts, IF YOU HAVE PEANUT ALLERGIES Go throw yourself off a cliff I really don't need mail or messages about it. If you go to a peanut free school/work/plane (true story) Then dear lord Im sorry for you. But the solution for all of you is Sunflower seed butter. Its CRAZY yummy, and pricey, at about $6 a jar, but still a deal at many many servings a jar. (sorry about the picture orientation, blogger and my computer are having a disagreement)

Back to peanut butter. This beautiful sandwich doesnt have to be boring, soggy and stale, infact it can become a CRAVING! If your really feeling broke, I recommend head down to the dollar store and get a jar there! I personally feel like Im moving up in the world and have been obsessed with Trader Joe's creamy just peanut butter. At any rate get your favorite, be it a corporate brand, homemade or finacially appropriate. The average jar of peanut butter has 13-16 servings in it! And with 2 TBLS having 190 calories, 17 g of fat, and 8 grams of protein its almost a wonder food! You may be saying, OMG Izzy, that is soooo much fat. No, its not really. its about 25% of your daily allowence, and no Trans Fats. And if this sandwich is a meal, this is actually a very lowfat meal, with the added joy of fats help you STAY FULL. Which means you'll not be hungry as soon, and decreasing your calorie intake! 

Peanut butter Price: 8 cents- 30 cents a serving

Ok science aside, what about the jelly? Well, for me personally, I like to mix it up. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE'S is apricot jam. (Its also crazy good with pepperjack on grilled cheese) Lately I have been picking up some of the specials at TJ's, including fig butter and pumpkin butter. For regular jam I love the Smuckers Simply Fruit, just so good! and even being one of the pricier jams, at around $5 a jar, still has 15 servings! Anywho, again, if your feeling SUPER broke, again, dollar stores, big sales, or if your lucky and have someone with an apple tree, make your own apple butter! I have done this recipe before and its PERFECT if you have access to lots of free fruit and no moneys. Try new things! Exerament! Be bold! embrace the 30-36 calories a serving!! 

Jelly price- Free- 6 cents-33 cents a serving 

For bread, if you want to feel full, be healthy and be awesome, go for whole wheat, and even high fiber. Again, with TJ's around the corner I like the $3 Fiberfull bread :) but any bread will do, and again if your REALLY hurting, or just crafty, you can make your own no knead bread with little hassle. With two slices of bread your looking at your highest calorie count, but also good filler at around 200-300 calories total. and with 10-12 servings a loaf for store bought, its still an amazing deal. Also, Dollar store bread, get the whole whet, its less wierd tasting then the white for some reason.

Bread Price- free- 8 cents-41 cents a serving

Technique- This is my trick for making the most delicious, travel worthy sandwich. Get your two slices of choice bread, and place 1 TBLS of peanut butter on EACH side of the bread. Thats right, butter both of them! For travel and longevity, this keeps the jelly from making the bread soggy, because the fat becomes a moisture barier. then place your jelly in a yummy pillow between the butter and complete. I do this in the mornings before school/work/coffee in my sleep, or sometimes even the night before and throw it in my bag. I'll make 2-3 of them for days Im at school at 8:30 am and work will 9:30 PM, plus an hour travel each way. 

Cost per sandwich- 22 cents- dollar store/ $1.04 fancy. 300-500 calories. I like to pair mine with string cheese, apple/fresh fruit and carrots/snap pea's/vegi's. Apples are great because they are full of soluble fiber which keeps you fuller longer! So for under $2 a meal, and about 600 calories Im ready for the day! Even on a diet, most people need 1500-2000 calories a day, and healthy fats help keep you full and help burn fat!

Note- If you want to cut calories and carbs here for health, DONT DECREASE the peanut butter, decrease the bread. get low carb, thin or 1 slice :)

Also for traveling around, i suggest getting a little sandwich keeper. I found mine at the local dollar store for $1, which save the enviroment, saves squishes, and cuts the cost of sandwich bags!! 

Enjoy all! :D

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