Thursday, October 4, 2012

Proud of My Size

Hello all! Once again its that time of week to join the lovely Rachel over at the Near Sighted Owl  for the proud of my size link up! Im not very fashionable today. Honestly I feel horrifying today and laying there with my iPod and kitten are about as good as it gets. I missed class earlier because I couldn't stand, and couldn't stop vomiting (not even from distain!) But doing better and made it to the school, as I still don't have interwebs at the house. but ya, Kitler and I hung out this morning! Back to the proud of my size, its all about self love even when your sick as Kitler after eating a pound of frozen chicken. (true story)

So I realized that I never shared pictures of my little unnamed goldfish! Sadly right before I left for Utah Jellybean fish passed away. So about a week after I got back I was missing a cold water carp in my life and picked up a 15 cent common who is adorable! Help me pick a name.

How cute is that?!?!

Also just for an update, check out some of the lovely bruises I got from the raging narcissus' 

Shoulder and Thigh

So because I feel like a pile of cat vomit, I'll leave you guys with some lovely shots around town!

Oracle is in town, the epic software developer 


  1. I'm sorry you're sick, I hope you start feeling better. I love the name Kitler and his off center Hitler stash! My cat Lilly likes to eat plastic for some reason and the other day she ate a wrapper that was pretty large and had trouble passing it. Dumb thing. for names I came up with Bitsy, Calypso, Atlas, Jaws, Finn...that's all I got, haha