Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Update! and Proud of my Size

Hello all! Here we go with me showing off my Utah sweatshirt, which makes the GF extremely happy (Its even Utah Utes colors ;) ) For those who Arn't aware, Proud of my size is the brainchild of the beautiful and amazing Rachel over at the Near Sighted Owl. Be bold! Be beautiful! and Don't let someone elses opinion of your size, be it big or small, bring you down. I actually had a moment this week that made me think of Rachael and her movement. Im a good Size 10+ these days and one of my favorite work outfits is a very little black dress. at my job we are allowed to be a little.. trendy? and I have been trying to push things a little lately for my own asthetic, and get out of boring Izzy mode. So its VERY short, but paired with opaque tights adorable as can be, and covers everything. Also, I have been wearing it atleast once a week, and even to meetings with the managers with no comments what so ever. So I was just getting to work, and got on the crowded elevator with fellow co-workers. One gal, a larger gal who looked like she was having a rough day was giving me dirty looks, but I ignored her, as I work with a lot of asshats. As I got off on my floor, I hear her say to the rest of the elevator "That dress is SO inapprorpiete, I hope she gets written up." Really? Is it jealousy? Then later 2 other associates stopped me and asked if I had been warned about this dress yet. All of these are either new folks or seasonal hires because I havn't seen any of them before. Old Izzy would have been crazy embarressed or asked to go home and change, but new Izzy thought, Suck a bag of hobo penis. I get plenty of compliments on how cute it is, and the Gentleman Friend is a HUGE fan of this little lacy dress. Love yourself! Love your choices! Im guessing one of the lower level managers is pushing dress code and has the ready to wear people on edge. Im in shoe's guys, suck it. :)

Ok, so its been a crazy long time since I have done a gaming update. Its been a long time since I have played my games!! But this week Pokemon Black/White 2 came out! OMG! Yes, Im 27 years old and play pokemanz. and Im DAMN good at it. Anyways, I picked up White2, figuring most people will get Black2, as past experiance has taught me that everyone like the black dragons. Therefor I have trading fodder :) I also picked up the limited edition, hard cover guide, and splerged. OMG its soooooo pretty!! It came with a holographic plate, and its so amazing. 

I started with Snivey, as he's the only starter I havnt tried yet. I was up till midnight playing and am not to far yet, but OMG its great!! I am dissapointed they kept the same starters, it could have been cool if they gave you something else, maybe a throwback to one of the older games. Oh well. I looked into the VGC's (Nintendo's Video Game Championships) which I attended a few years ago, but they are Sunday. :( WHY??? We just got the game???? Well, MY regionals are sunday. Eastcoast doesnt go till APRIL. Not cool guys!! Anywho, sorry for the orientation, but computer and blogger are not in aggreement. But here is a shot from the game. WTF is up with Bianca's Face?

OMG my nerdyness knows no bounds!! Does anyone else out there game? Whats your system? and your game? Im a handheld girl myself. I currently play a DS Lite (not on board with the 3DS yet :( ) I have other systems but my favorite is for sure my Gameboys. Aside from Pokemanz, I also enjoy Teenage Zombies Attack of the Alien Brain Thingies, Orcs and Elves, Zelda, Harvest Moon and others. 

Have a GREAT day all!! :D Im going to ignore homework and murder pidgeons with a lizard. 

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