Sunday, October 21, 2012

Proud of my Size

Once again its that time of week to celebrate our awesomeness!! Thanks to Rachel over at the Near Sighted owl, who gets us together to be proud of yourself no matter what size, or anything else!! Anywho, this week has been crazy busy and exspensive, but very good! Finally got an eye test done, and I need reading glasses. Surprise!! But first eye test since the mid ninety's so.. ya.. my eyes arnt as bad as I thought they might be. The one thing that irked me was the plastic sunglasses you get after they dialate your eyes. They havnt changed since I was ten or even earlier. WTF? They are uncomfortable, ugly, and pop off, we cant do better then this?? Oh well. 

I started planting my winter plants, a little late, but its warm here. I have dinosaur kale, fababeans and Dwarf snow peas! :D Yay!! Also, painted my nails blue for the first time in a loooong time.

At work we had an evacuation after a transformer blew int he second floor electrical room. Blew all the second floor lights, shot sparks under the door and sounded the fire alarms. I guess on the 3rd floor it sounded like gunfire so customers were freaking out. I was in the break room and just took the stairs. The managers had to stay behind because people started looting, poor guys!! When we got back I was in the break room again (Had come to work early, not just a slacker ;) ) and a customer who had given me trouble on wed comes into the employee lounge and tries to use the manager phone. I called security and they removed him but it was just a weird day. But I made some CA$H!! lol! 

Saturday Gentleman friend took me to an open studio of my old teacher Phil Hua (PHua!!) His studio is in an old navel building in an area called the Dog Patch, which is all abandoned industrial shipping buildings slowly getting a rebuild. Phil's work is pretty cool, printer ink on news print, so it fades over time revealing different images of nature. The neighborhood was so rad!! I want a studio!!

Mmmmm, free mimosa's!

 Oh ya, my butt plant is flowering!! That thing s so weird, but I like it

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