Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Rainy Day

Its finally getting to the rainy season! Don't get me wrong, Im going to miss the sun, becuaw it will now be gone for a good 6 months, and I'll miss warm walks, and not being soaked by the time I get home, and DEAR LORD Im not going to enjoy the wind, but I love the rain. Last night was the first real electric storm of the year, and it was so cool to lay in bed and watch the flashes, comforting kitties.

Im not going to lie, Im EXHAUSTED. I was supposed to Zumba tonight, but its canceled, and am supposed to go to a symposium which will probably be really good, but /i want to go home, nap, clean, and see my Aunties. I think Im going to do that. I now have a Tumblr! Im not sure why... I signed up for it in class today, and it shall probably be neglected like my Twitter and other.... Im so strange with the social media, in the signing up for it and not doing anything about it.

The blog has a new look, I promise I won't be changing it EVERY week, but just tweaking it to feel more like me. I got my little unicorn in the banner this time! :D The Art Blog also has a new look, so feel free to check it out!

Yes I have been busy with the photoshop! Well, I hope everyone is doing well. I'll have an actually interesting post soon :3

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