Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3000 Pageviews?!?!

What? How on earth did this happen? I blame you Angera!!! lol! Gentleman friend you too ;) Well thank you to anyone who wonders by and reads this rant and rambling.... This is certainly an honor :3

Friday Night Gentleman Friend came over and I made Tandoori Chicken, yum!! But I messed up the rice (really? rice??!?) and didnt make enough. The chicken was quite delightful though.... So afterwords we walked over to the movie store and rented Hidalgo (yes the sad horse movie.. Im a girl, I love horse movies) and I forced him to watch it. He's an amazing man and powered through it. But on the way home from said rental store we stopped at Nations Giant Hamburgers for some AMAZING burgers and Strawberry Cheese cake. These guys have the BEST pie....

In local news, Saturday Gentleman Friend took me to see my beloved DETROIT LIONS!! They played the Raiders in Oakland so we ventured into the Black hole.... For those who don't know, Raiders fans are known for being... Enthusiastic? And a little violent... He asked me kindly to not wear my bootleg Detroit hat and I agreed, only to find I was in good company! So many Detroit fans out in full gear!! :D He got us seats so close we could almost smell my beloved Lions. I kinda wish i did bring the hat, maybe i could have gotten an autograph.. Prolly not... Oh well, next time ;) GF is a HUGE football fan, but he's at heart an Eagles man. Yes, you may feel sorry for him ;) kidding handsome!!! Ya, he's teaching me all about sports. We ate garlic fries and had a grand time! The weather was perfect as well, which is good because they had forcast it being rather gloomy, which is great except when you want to be outside for 3 hours.... Especially in Oakland, that wind is cutting. (BTW Oakland Ca, not Oakland Mi)

After the game we went to Albany Pizza Co and had wonderful HUGE slices of their delightful pizza. Gowd I love that place! Yummo!!! With our bellies full we headed to my place to watch a few movies. For the record, Hamlet 2 is AMAZING! How have I not seen this yet? Crazyness. Also Midgets Vs Mascots is a mockumentory worth the time. Gary Coleman leads. GARY COLEMAN. Go watch it. Now. :)

Oh oh is Magic, you knoooooow....

Also I was distracted but here are some cars from last week. OMG I love cars!! The First one is a quarter mile racer, '74 Ford GTO. The orange guy is a 70's Mustang and The little guy is an Austin :)

And lastly, some snackies and goodness. On the way to court (grumblegrumblerapistsgrumble) I grabbed the breakfast of champions! Dill Pickle Chips!!! :D OMG and their super yummy too!! And the bag is cool. Also yesterday on the way to work I snagged something I have been trying to get my hands on for a while, coconut M & M's!! Their chocolate with coconut, and sooooooooo good. Also threw in a Kitler picture to round out my total wussyness 

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