Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Angel Island and Family

So on Wednesday my Aunties took me out on Angel Island as a belated birthday present. Angel Island is a really awesome island in the middle of the San Francisco bay that was used as a Military base, Quarentine, Immigration Station and Seal hunting habitat. Now its a museum and camping area. We took the ferry from Tiburon, which is a fun little 20 minute ride across the bay, and there was rumor a dolfin was around but I never saw it. The Aunts, Terri, Don and Amy all came. We had a little snack in the cafe on the island which was.. Dissapointing.. I had some chili which was totally cold, even after i asked them to reheat it. And it was pricey... $22 for a pulled pork sandwich?!? Ooofff...

We went for a little hike up the side of the island, watched beautiful views and enjoyed the PERFECT weather. Around 2 we headed back for our Segway tour!! Segways are SUPER fun it turns out! As we pulled out of the harbor up the mountain some homeless looking teen punk kids boo'd us and i laughed meniacly at them... Yea Im a dick :) Our tour guide, Joe, was much like the tour guides I have had of late, a bored 19-21 guy with a summer job. But he really liked us goofing around with him and gave us an extra long tour. We had great views of the bay and the bridges, and there are SOOO many abandoned buildings I would like to explore.. Actually am DYING to explore. I had already declaired to Gentleman Friend that he will need to take me camping out there so we can explore without being bothered. We did get to stop off the Segways at one point and explore one building which was AMAZING

After we caught the last ferry out, we headed to a nice little mexican place in Tiburon. I had a grilled chicken breast in peanut sauce with black beans and rice which was SO delightful! We also split some Flan, and a plate of Churros... Mmmm....!! Also saw seagulls eating peoples chips. Yummm!!

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