Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Ever PodCast Review Pt-1

So as anyone who knows me knows, I listen to waaaaayyy to many podcasts. :)  As a starving art student (who's not really starving) I dont have internet at the house, and my TV isn't digital ready and no cable. So podcasts are a FREE fun way to spend time. I also commute for up to 3 hours a day to and from work and school, and my iPod is my best friend.

First up I have to give it up to the first podcast I ever listened to, and began the obsession. I'm a HUGE Adam Carolla fan. No I dont agree with all his policies, but its a damn funny comedy show! Plus they have a great staff, its 5 days a week (lots of show for meeee!) and has always been, and will always be free! The show is all about comedy and long form interviews. The show usually opens up with a rant from Adam, with his news gal Alison Rosen (keep that name in mind) and sound effects guy Bald Bryan (remember that too!) chipping in with their 2 cents. Once a week or so the music reviewer David Wild will drop in to discuss music, sometimes Dave Damashek will stop by to discuss sports, and untill his accident Larry Miller was a frequent friend of the show. After they get the buiseness out of the way, they get to the guest interview. I know so much more now about all kinds of comedians, actors, musicians (Ben Folds is a good friend of the pod cast, as well as Francis Ford Copila, Brian Cransen and more!) They finish it up with the best news stories ever, rants from Adam and some bashing of the producers, Dawson, Lynch and Matt the Porcelain Punisher.

On Carolla, I also listen to a few of his spin off shows, which are once a week. The CarCast is a show dedicated to Adam's love cars, mostly Nissan's and old Datsun's, and vintage racing. If you dig cars I say go get it now!! If you dont care about cars, don't bother really. Its interviews with customisers, people who create special parts, restorers, and more. They also occasionally go on the road to the Vintage races. Adams co-host is Matt Diandria, who you may or may not know from the short lived Car Show on Spike. The other spin off is Ace on the house, with Adam and his childhood friend Ray giving out home improvement advice. Its a lot of comedy, more then the car cast, and if your even mildly interested in DIY and like the ACS Go for it!!

Next up also produced on the ACE Digital Network is Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend, also known as ARYNBF (not arian boyfriend!) The news gal Alison is all her own on this show! Its supposedly a relationship show, but its mostly comedy with FABULOUS things like the topic sombrero (SOMBRERO!) talk of baby ducks and puppies, and long form interviews with interesting people. There are adorable theme songs and is just about amazing. I love Alison, her honesty about insecurities, ability to bring so much out of her interviewee's (is that a word? it is now) and basic awesomeness. I highly recommend this podcast to EVERYONE. Unless you hate comedy. Then you can go kill yourself. (This is a weekly show BTW)

Another on the ACE Digital network, another weekly, The Film Vault. TFV stars soundman and side kick Bald Bryan, Anderson from Loveline and Bryan's brain tumor. Not really the last one, bad running joke. Essentially this is a movie review show, with loads of comedy, ball busting and general fun. Also an unhealthy obsession with astronaut ice cream. I have actually followed some of their advice on some films with great results. They are very opinionated, and some of their opinions are... .Not the same as mine... but I like them non the less. Also a fun little bonus, they feature garage bands as their intro and outro music. With fun games between the hosts and both new and old movie reviews, check it out!

Larry Miller is a wonderful, corn fed, home grown sort of guy. Once a week his podcast is something I look forward to for a warm and fuzzy feeling. He makes you feel like your part of the family, sitting in a living room listening to his tales of the road, family and comedians. You will feel so good about life after this! and You have the opportunity to join the Larry Miller Drinking Society. It has a fun nostalgia that will have you wanting to put on a suit and have a real martini, shaken not stirred (explained on an episode). Larry had an accident a few month ago, so they have been playing the best of until he's back on his feet, so this is an EXCELLENT time to get caught up! I actually have been re-listening to them because they are so good. Listen to This Week with Larry Miller. Plus its family friendly

Lastly I THINK on the ACEDN is the Dana Gould Hour (which isnt an hour, and is a bi-monthly). Comedian Dana Gould Chats with fellow comedians, has crazy little bits and basically seems to be having to much fun!! Its much more produced then other podcasts, and has a very different flavor. Its almost like a sketch show for your ears! Honestly one of my favorite bits is the Two Guys From Boston. Every show has a theme, which is brought around by obscure references, silly stories and random chat. I also love when they have horrible things read by children, like Apocalypse now. The Bi-monthly airing is good for those who are busy and may not have time for many podcasts, and this show will open your eyes to some comedians, films and humor you may now have had access to before.

Now we get to the weekly podcast of the lovely Christopher Titus, The Titus Podcast. Yes, comedian Titus is back! Did he ever go? No not really, but it sounded good. With the tag line "Never unbiased always unbalanced", his super model girlfriend Bombshell Ray, and Stuntman Tommy; Titus yells and makes fun of the upcoming apocalypse's. He actually gets some scary information about our government, banking system and other important things to us in a HI-larios way. Stuntman Tommy chips in with his hero of the week, which is usually a dog or horse or dead guy... or isnt a hero because he misread the article. And Bombshell Ray usually inputs something off putting but amazing! I love them so much!! GO DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

Oh Marc Maron. So neurotic, so compulsive, so amazing. The WTF podcast is one of the BEST long form interview shows around. Marc brings out some amazing details of peoples lives from his little garage at the cat ranch. The show usually opens with Marc ranting and freaking out about his life, when goes into the interview. This doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but it REALLY is! Marc has a history as an angry comedian, and has some history with some of the people he interviews which isn't always positive. Its really interesting to see him trying to both make amends and kind of stand by his old self. His humanity and vulnerability make you fall in love with him like a sad puppy. BTW Jessica sounds like a hoot! Go download now!!

So here are my non-NPR shows. If you have any recommendations PLEASE lemme know! Also, no one pays me for this, this is just for my love of pods.

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