Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Uuugghhh..... So the ValleCUNT police are never dissapointing in there ability to NOT DO SHIT. So today I finally received my police report! :D Only 10 days later but its here, via email. This means I can get my report number, which means I can call them to find out who took the interior tailight/jack cover- which they removed during the investigation. So I call them and... yep, wrong department. Oh and they cant transfer but they an give me the number. So I call the other number and there is a lady who isnt speaking into the phone and is quiet as a giraffe. I finally get some info out of her, which like all police is like pulling teeth and find out, there is NO WAY for them to check for my missing items. I can submit a report, wait 10 days to SEE IF IT WILL BE APPROVED to be investigated.

So lemme get this strait, I get to wait another 10 days to find out if they feel like looking for the stuff they took out of my car? Yep.

Wanna see the email I got AFTER I got the police report? Sure you so-
12:52 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
Your online report has been approved and the permanent case
number is 12-10047.
Please note in the attached report that sensitive information has
been replaced with *** in order to maintain privacy in emails.
Thank you for using our online reporting system and please e-mail
us with any suggestions you have for improving our system.

Online Officer
Vallejo Police Department

This came with no attachments.. Oh well. Note to self, NEVER GET SHIT STOLEN.  So we will see whats up and whats down shortly...

For those who need a refresher, HERE is the origional post, and HERE is the other rant. :)

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