Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julia Child Is 100! And Cat Leashes

Happy Birthday to the lady who brought fine cuisine to our homes, promoted the use of butter, and apparently was kind of a bitch. But I love her anyway :) anywho, How is everyone today? I hope well.

So yesterday I was off to see about getting the oil crayon off Darlene's windshield and price out some alarms. I think I have a deal in progress about the latter, but more on that when things are solid ;) The plan is still to paint her plaid. Im ambivolant, but i think it will be the right thing to do. She will be an artistic statement, right? lol! But things are good. :)

Also yesterday my lovely neighbor Shawn gave me and kitten a cat leash! Really its a dog harness she found at the beach, but it fits Kitler just perfect! So we went for a little walk, he seemed to enjoy sniffing around the yard untill be became OBSESSED with attacking the leash

Cut cat party!! XD My blog is now a stereotype. :) lol!! 

To help avoid my life I have been playing Neopets at local coffee shop a lot.. If you have an account or wanna play Im tangledfeet :) 

I also downloaded Monster Petshop and am obsessing over it a little. Im untidyvenus on there and the monsters are SOOO CUTE!!! :D Yep, Im a Nerd

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