Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun, Food and Bacon!!

So to begin, the other day at work I forgot my lunch, and so headed over to the local convenience store and got some snackies, including POPCORN BALLS! They were so yummy!!! :D Mom used to make them when I was a kid, and these tasted much like those.

This weekend the lovely Gentleman Friend took me out for Pizza and Mimosa's at Cafe Avilino. We ate breakfast pizza, which has sundried tomato pesto, egg and cheese, then bacon and sausage. For my second piece I had pepperoni and it was delightful as well :) SO GOOD!!! We each drank a caraf of mimosa then I headed into work... In a very nice mood :) When I got back to his house we tried the juice boxes of wine. Their pretty terrible but hilarios!

At work they have had a problem with fruit flies all over the lunch room. Its terrifying, and the managers are trying to put up signs and deal, but people seem to like the infestation? Anywho, here is one of the signs, I drew the little fly and the attack of the flies note. :)

At the house my African Violet is blooming! Well, A bloom. So pretty!! I also made a salad that came out super pretty

So last night we did some bacon preliminaries. We had to test out some recipes, and they were AMAZING!! First I assembled the Bacon Bomb. This involved weaving strips of bacon, filling it with sausage, cheddar and chives, then rolling it up and roasting it till cooked. Next we made some cheddar jalapenio poppers, then wrapped those in bacon and fried then a second time. (GF got a deep fryer). We also made sausages wrapped in bacon and deep fried, some blue cheese bacon grilled cheese, and BLT's. HOLY SHIT. It was so good!! Bacon day will be the best!!

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