Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello all!! This post is from my phone, as today was the court date for Darlene's rapists!! Well, one it turns out...

So my day began waaaaay to early with having to drive to ValleCUNT. Over the bridge and through the woods.... Lol anywho, I arrive and have to find my way through a maze of white legal buildings to check in with the DA since I'm a witness in this whole thing. I finally find it after some help from a nice security guard and check in. The clerk gave me a funny look when she looked at the subpoena but stamped it and told me to go across the street and strait down the hall to district 7.

I go to the court building and through the security (dresses are a god send for these things, nothing to set it off!) and there is no strait, it's a y. Fu DA clerk. So I do find district 7 (on the left ) and am crazy early. My session is 10 and it's only 9. So I listened to Marc Maron and sat. And sat. And then? Sat. Just before 10 they took a break and I got to wait in the hall and listen to the attorneys who don't want to be there and see men in slippers complain about being wronged. And dear lord to many stripper heels and flip flops.

Flip flops are not court appropriate

I did see who I think is Quentin Terintino take the stand a d get assigned mental health treatment. Also a guy failed to appear, had a felony warrant and a bench warrant and they did not revoke his bail. Yet I was Gunna get locked up for not attending this retarded circus

Anywho after another hour or so the lovely Rose Phillips took the stand. And by lovely I mean 21 year old Hispanic woman, morbidly obese, neck tattoos and corn rows. Scalp is sexy. She pled no contest and court went on. I waited patiently for Juan and Luis, to be called or something to happen, just a dad accused of stalking his sons girlfriend and a crack head sayin it wasn't his crack.

At 1125 they took another break so I went to the DA office to find out wtf, and the clerk says the men had already pleaded and I wasn't needed, someone should have called. Wait, why FUCKING check me in then???? I lost it and started crying and said they were just fundraisers, I wanted to be treated as a human and so on, like a crazy lady. They lead me in the back and into a locked room... I figured this is where telling them they were rapists was going to get me some jail time, but instead after like half an hour it was just they figured out they f'd up and wanted to fix it.

Not much can be done, the 3 are going to jail which they told me I should be happy about but really that means I'm paying for their toilet paper. And they can't reimburse me from jail. It's a loose loose situation. Or loose get fisted by the system..... Uuuugggghhh don't get shit stolen from you. Or just kill who took it. Now I get to go to work, joy! Btw gentleman friend is a hero for helping me through this

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