Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BACON BACON and more

So my attempts to follow through with sparkpeople and get in shape are being thwarted by my general lazyness and weakness for yummy goodness. But I am doing better, paying more attention and trying to make better choices. With that being said, yesterday Gentleman friend and I visited Bacon Bacon, the bacon based food truck :)

We shared a bacon grilled cheese, with also had a bacon relish (thats right, bacon relish! Which I think is bacon butter and maple syrup), a bacon burger which had 2 patties, tons of cheese and a delightful spicy mayo, and some parm fries. Not good for either of our diets but increadibly wonderful!!! Plus its fun to see GF is his work suit ;) girls go crazy for a well dressed man for sure.

Mmmmm... Bacon....

My grilled cheese and the best name for a sandwich EVA!

Other food trucks including the wonderful MayoMustard mentioned before

So last week Kitten and I watched Captain America!! It was really a better movie then I was expecting. But sadly, as predicted, the special effects guys got carried way and made it looks way less awesome. When you pull me out of the movie i get sad. I want to know notice the effects and feel like it could really happen. But at least there was plot. :)  

I also got a new crash case for my little ipod. I heart my shuffle, and got a crazy good deal on amazon, (and clicked through Alison Rosen's site helping her amazing little podcast! :D ) so now my shuffle is a monster!!! Rawr!! Also in random pictures and news, I got an ornementle ginger from my aunties (yay!) and pulled out my eyeshadow pallet from Brand-I.  Yay!!

I also took some shots of my city to show off. Basicly abusing my camera on my phone

 Lastly, we will finish with more BACON news. Did you know that a strip of raw bacon is the same length as an unrolled raw cinnamon bun? Coincidence? Fate? Magic? Evil corporate conspericy? What ever it is, its AMAZING. Delish. DO IT NOW.

More addictive then heroin.  

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