Thursday, August 16, 2012

Proud of My Size #2

For those who don't know what this is, the lovely and amazing Rachel of The Near Sighted Owl is running a fat acceptance, love your body no matter what your size campaign. I have had a lot of body issues in my life, and my sister had as well. She's a 00, and for her people calling her skinny, bean pole, anorexic, etc are just as painful as calling a heavy person lard ass. Especially those who accuse her of having eating disorders. Sorry guys, turns out chasing horses for 12 hours a day and owning 3 large dogs will increase your calorie burning immensely.

So here we are, my sister and I, at one of her horse shows! she is a Riding instructor for a large barn and was taking her students. I'm in one of my favorite summer dresses, from Target a few years ago! Super fun!

So I have been commissioned for my first mural! :D Hurray!! I'm really excited! I'm going to be painting an 8'x40' wall for a local alarm and stereo company. In exchange the guy will do my alarm and kill switch!! :D WOOT!!! So rad! So there will be pictures and updates on THAT shortly.

Also signed up for twitter. I dont know if I'll actually be using it much, but I'm untidyvenus. We will see :) It will prolly be much like my facebook and just random comedic quote from Adam Carolla, Christopher Titus, Alison Rosen and the like.

So the plants are doing REALLY well. I discovered that putting red pepper flakes in the pots keeps the squirrels out- mostly. also the tomatoes are so close!!! Finally!!!

And kitten went for another walk yesterday evening. He also climed his first tree, and fell out of his first tree.... He's my special little guy ;) lol poor dump kitten

Pickles felt left out

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