Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy Shop! And New Fishy Friend

I have an Etsy shop! Yay!! Theres nothing for sale as of the moment I am typing this, but moving forward. So many good things have been going on, Ill have to update more later :) but its gooooooood!

Yesterday I hung out with Fashion Rachel and we went to the Asian market. We got some super wonderful lychee's, and while wondering through the aquarium shop I fell in love...

Isn't be beautiful? So metalic and industrial looking :) I don't think I mentioned, but a few weeks ago Ugly Fish and Swimmi passed on. So was just down to Baby Blu and Jellybean fish. This simply cant do! lol! Im such a nerd.... But for those who don't know, he is a Betta Splendin. Prolly a Steel Blue that needs some good food (they get pale when they are stressed or unhealthy) with a veil tail, which is the longest and most common tail type. I love me some bettas!! So this little guy needs a name, feel free to post if you know a good one! :D

On betta's, if you are thinking about a little friend to pirk up your life or a pet for a child, betta's are the BEST by far. They are the ONLY fish that doesnt need a filter (yes, goldfish will die in a bowl, another rant for another time) they are super clean, BEAUTIFUL, and come in a million colors. They are like $2-$20 depending on where you buy them and what type you get, but most are about $6. Yes a little more then the 12 cent goldies but much more rewarding. They live about 1.5-2 years, though I had one (Spike) for 5 years. They eat only a tiny bit, can live in a little one gallon tank, and can actually go a week without eating is needed so good for people who need to travel! But they do have to live ALONE. They are fighting fish, and will kill each other. Even boys and girls, ignore those petshop idiots who tell you boys and girls get along because thats just wrong. But the girls are cute to. Baby Blu is a fiesty little ball of spice who is always greeting me.

A not great picture, but she is Blue with orange fins

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