Friday, August 17, 2012

Tomatoes, Mending Fences and ANGRY HONDA RANT

So lets start with joyful news. My Tomatoes are producing!!! :D I already have 50% more then last year, at 3! lol! The Big one is the SIZE OF MY HAND with fingers! Im really excited, Im mostly a brown thumb except for the Wandering Jews and Spiders... And Aloe Vera Wang who seems unstoppable. But many thanks to my neighbor Shawn who has been watering them and feeding them. And thanks to Mama for loaning me the fencing to keep the skunks from eating them... Yay for Growth!

Also on plants and neighbors, I extended an olive branch towards my crazy neighbor next door (lets call her... Fawn, since she's jumpy and i think not ready to be on her own) Fawn was out this morning when I was trimming back the wandering jew, which was crawling out of its own roots aparently. We chatted and I offered her trimmings, which grow like weeds. She was super excited and offered me a WONDER tomatoe from Monteray. YUM! She also said what ever I did to the cats made them more quiet. Maybe threatening to sell them to Gypsies worked? Either way, making progress!

also, news on the Darlene Debacle. Uuugghh.... So Adam Carolla is correct in that all police are good for is fundraising. VallyCUNT police are no different. Their retarded office is going to take 10-15 buisness days to email me a stupid police report, but the ball is rolling on the court case because I got a Subpoena. I called into the DA's Office to tell them it arrived (I thought that had to be handed to you?) and they VERY nice guy Dave informed me to not hold my breath, as VallyCUNT is one of the most inefficiant offices around, and these kinds of cases get drug out for over 2 YEARS. The defence just keeps delaying till everyone gets bored and goes away. Well Mo-Fo's Ya'll aint NEVER seen a womans wrath like this. YOU RAPED DARLENE. So Fair warning, Im out for the death penalty. Well, that or a good prison raping. So cheers to a police force that can't do shit.

Excuse me,. Im off to design a mural and start my fortune! lol

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